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FERONA is a luxury fashion house that celebrates colour, culture and adornment.


Presenting couture through a new lens, FERONA creates a couture world that has been re-imagined. Empowered collaboration with clients and cutting edge innovations in fashion tech create the distinctive FERONA couture pieces that embrace modernity as well as tradition.


The artistic approach of the house is considered a couture revival rooted in the convergences of fashion, art, culture, and technology.




Founded in 2012, FERONA transitioned into the world of couture in 2014.Today, FERONA embodies a fashion House that pioneers the creation of distinctive, progressive, and innovative, privately commissioned couture using the highest levels of craftsmanship.

Renowned for relevant couture that offers modernity, tradition and culture, the artistic approach of the house is rooted in the heritage of the Creative Director, taking inspiration from an underrepresented lens, giving birth to what the Creative Director,  Jennifer Onah, considers to be a couture revival.



Born in St. John’s Wood London, Jennifer Onah was the daughter of Nigerian born parents that emigrated from two neighbouring villages in Enugu, Nigeria. They had left their home country in the late 70’s to start a new life in Marylebone, London but their culture and heritage never left them. It was the same strength in their roots, so rich in tradition that Jennifer’s parents would use as a strong foundation to raise their children, keeping the four children closely connected to their homeland and weaving the family tightly together.

As a young girl, Jennifer immersed herself in the world of arts and crafts learning to knit at just 8 years old. She recalls how her parents recognised the artist within her and the continuous creativity she so effortlessly demonstrated. She describes the artistic exploration of her childhood as an "everyday art class."

By 2006, Jennifer was keen to pursue a career in fashion and completed an Art Foundation year at Cavendish college in London's Goodge Street, where she specialised in Fashion Design. In 2012, not long after graduating from university, Jennifer boldly pursued her dream of starting her own fashion label and very quickly secured her first boutique stockist on the King's Road in Kensington, London. Working simultaneously alongside experienced couturier’s, distinguished industry professionals and some of the most highly established fashion houses, Jennifer fell in love with the world of haute couture, transitioning in 2014 from luxury ready-to-wear, to creating bespoke designs and couture collections.

After nearly a decade of experience within luxury fashion and couture, Jennifer has managed to acquire an in depth knowledge of the creative design process, couture techniques and artisanal age-old couture secrets of the craft. She is known for seamlessly merging her technical knowledge of couture, together with her signature design influences and inspirations that celebrate colour, culture and adornment, paying homage to her Nigerian heritage and traditions that go back generations.

She describes her mother as her first fashion icon, a woman that was proud to wear her native garments to go outdoors and colour the streets of central London in striking bold and bright printed fabrics, luxurious and rich in colour. A woman who used fashion to glamorize the many women she had to be in her life. A mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife. Jennifer describes FERONA as:

‘A couture revival and an ongoing celebration of the FERONA woman, embellishing her and adorning her in all her glory and permitting herself to emerge as the spiritual goddess that she truly is. A force to be reckoned with.’

Jen O.

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