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We pride ourselves on captivating creations of the most mesmerising bridal couture dreams. Guided by the vision of the Creative Director, alongside the ambition and aspiration of every bride, the house presents to each client traditional, contemporary and alternative bridal options, exclusive and unique to the client.

Love between two people unifies. Love is spiritual and we champion each and every individual bride and celebrate all that she encompasses, serenity, romance, beauty and virtue.

Here at FERONA, we treasure each woman’s dream to inspirit the perfect bride and should this be her desire, we deem her highly worthy of the opportunity to awaken her inner goddess and shine the brightest on her special day.

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A very personal and private appointment attended by the Creative Director, Jennifer Onah. Together with the client, the Bridal Archive is explored with a clear intention of the desired outcome. A plethora of iconic and understated styles will be offered and explored, varying from traditional gowns to bridal capes and overskirts. Our embroidery archive boasts a distinctive array of thread work, crystal beading, pearls, briolette’s, geometric, hand painted and floral embroidery. Only one version of each couture creation is granted per country. Our specialists guide each client through a vast collection of high quality fabric options and the endless design possibilities.


The creation of every bridal gown begins with a sketch. The sketch is an integral step in the design process. The birthplace, the beginning of the dream and a glimpse into the vast imagination of the Creative Director.



Working closely with our design tech team, we invest time and attention into digitally crafting a virtual 3D mannequin avatar for each client representing true to size body shape, proportions and individual measurements. Following the final approval of the sketch, it is converted into 3D, providing a transformational 360 view of the design for optimal visualisation. 


We believe that every couture bride should experience the magical journey that is the magical creation of her wedding gown. We guide each client through the various stages of the intensive process and high level craftsmanship, from the initial sketch, to the skilful formation of the dress pattern, the construction of the first toile and delicate hand embroidered elements, all the way to the completion of the final gown. Each step meticulous in its own way requires immense focus and careful attention to detail. The entire process can be accessed at any time globally and from any location in the world through a private digital portal, completely bespoke for each soon to be bride. 


Through the vision of our Creative Director, each bride's story comes to life. The greatest stories ever told have a perfect beginning and a fairy-tale ending. We believe this to be true for the creation of your whimsical bridal ensemble. We offer a bridal couture capsule wardrobe service consisting of wedding veils, alternative head pieces, bridal capes, transformative accessories and other added features to complete and decorate perfectly, each chapter in the story of your wedding day.

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